Favourite Things

My ongoing list of inspiring books, tools, places and random things. Loosely ordered (my inner librarian suffers silently). Semi-regularly updated.

Daily Drivers

Spotify - Curated playlists, music suggestions, offline listening, and quality playback.
Postbox 5 - This email client got a fantastic speed boost with the latest version.
Slack - Sorry Skype, Slack's #channels have changed everything.
Ulysses - Powerful multimarkdown editor that supports my note system now that I've left the Evernote ecosystem.
Jump Desktop - Remote desktop app makes accessing a PC from a Mac as simple as one click.
TextExpander - Turns a few keystrokes into signatures, code chunks, or emails. Even fixes typos!
Trello - Goal setting, project management, weekly and daily to-do lists. Basically organizes my life.
Spotlight - ⌘ + Space might be my most used shortcut.
LastPass - Digital security is crucial - this app makes it manageable across all devices.


Don’t Make Me Think - Web-centric but the concepts can be applied to nearly any user interaction.
Rework - No filler, just simple and inspiring rules for success.
It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be - For such a little book it’s chock full of takeaways. From my notes: Don’t seek praise. Seek criticism. Your work will be better for it.

Creative Tools

Pen and Paper - Nothing beats roughing out ideas in analog.
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign - The Adobe trifecta of design programs.
Sketch - My go-to for quick vectors or wireframes.
Sublime Text - 1000s of lines of code in another text editor, a thing of beauty in Sublime Text.

Sans Serif Fonts

Adelle Sans